Butlins Minehead – Day 3

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Today the boys all went to Splash Waterworld whilst the girls all stayed in the accommodation and pretended to tidy up but actually drank tea and read magazines.  The afternoon was then spent in the Fairground and Skyline Pavillion.  Spud and Spike had an absolutely brilliant day and both have gone to sleep with huge smiles on their faces dreaming of Billy Bear.

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Splash Waterworld

Going in and out was well organised which meant there were no queues and there was plenty of changing room space and lockers.  Inside the only criticism that the men had, was that the queues for the slides were extremely long and this could have been avoided by children being checked before joining the queue.  A lot of children were getting to the top and being turned away but had they been checked before joining the queue people could have gotten through a lot quicker.  Also for the boat slide, a lot of time was wasted just waiting for a boat to become available so more of those could make things run more effectively.  Overall it was very good and they all loved the different things that you can do.  There are plenty of lifeguards on duty and both the Hubby and my Dad had the whistle blown at them twice whilst playing with the boys in the water so safety is paramount!  The changing rooms could have benefitted from a drying machine as we are still trying to dry towels and costumes over 8 hours later ready for tomorrow.

Food and Accommodation

The food was very good again today with a lot of choice.  We all ate so much for breakfast that by lunch time we weren’t hungry enough to eat but gave the kids sandwiches in the Silver Bungalow, making good use of the kitchen facilities in our accommodation.  There are plenty of pieces of crockery, cutlery and even a cork screw so everything that we need.  We are all struggling with the Wifi.  I have paid £15 to have it on my MacBook for the 4 days and we were initially disappointed to see that it was £15 PER device.  We currently have 4 iPhones, 3 iPads and a Macbook between us so that would cost us £120 if we wanted Wifi on them all.  We are lucky to get one bar of cellular signal here so WiFi would have been great for all of the devices especially in the evening when the kids are asleep.  You can get 15 minutes of free Wifi a day on each device but as the cellular signal here is absolutely PANTS it is taking about 15 minutes to even get connected.  Once connected it is slow and I can’t get 50 photos onto my iCloud account from my phone within the 15 minute time limit – hence why my posts are slightly lacking on the photo side of things. (Yes yes I am too lazy to walk to the bedroom to get my usb cable!)

Entertainment and the Fairground

We loved that most of the rides in the fairground were free and that Spike was just tall enough to go on them this year.  Both the boys had a whale of a time on the swings (the little daredevils!) and we even treated them to the Go Karts at £5 each.  We spent a good couple of hours there and then had an ice-cream and a play on the machines in the Skyline Pavillion before dinner.  The boys love seeing characters walking around the resort, Spike is OBSESSED with Billy Bear and we’ve seen Spud and Wendy from Bob the Builder as well as Bonnie Bear and Evie from Mike the Knight strolling around.  Both of them were ecstatic to see Mike the Knight on stage this evening.  We have all noticed a distinct lack of Red Coats around, my Mum tried to find one to ask about heating a baby bottle and ended up walking around aimlessly until she found a cleaner.  In Bognor last year you couldn’t walk a metre without bumping into a Red Coat which was fantastic because they are so friendly to the children.  We have only seen them when they are entertaining children prior to a show.  I do like the entertainment laid on for people whilst they wait.  We have seen a lot of things happening whilst queuing for the Centre Stage and today saw a funny mini snooker tournament whilst waiting for Story Time with Billy Bear!  Kids HATE waiting so this is definitely a huge plus.


Staying with a Baby

The Skyline Pavillion is definitely lacking a designated baby station.  There is no where specific to sort out baby food/milk and we heated a bottle in a jug of hot water in the Cafe today.  An area with bottle warmers, a microwave etc would be extremely beneficial to people travelling with babies.  We used the baby changing facilities in the Skyline Pavillion and I have to say I was absolutely disgusted.  I had already mentioned a lack of toilets in the Skyline to my mum, there is only one set so if Spike leaves it to the last-minute we are literally left to run across the whole thing just to get to the toilet in time.  The baby changing room was messy and dirty and absolutely stank.  I would rather walk all the back to the accommodation than change her in there again.  There are SO many cleaners in the Skyline that it doesn’t make sense to me that the baby changing room could get like this.


 *Disclosure – As a Butlin’s Ambassador we received a 4 day break with premium dining for review purposes*

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