Butlins Minehead – Day 2

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Cor blimey, what a busy day!  It is only 8pm but all 4 adults are desperate for the boys to go to sleep so that we can follow soon afterwards!


We all slept well but I will say that it’s a good job I love the Hubby because our bed dips in the middle meaning we were forced to sleep touching each other!  The problems yesterday were dealt with swiftly and we had batteries for the remote hand delivered at 9.30pm last night!  We are very impressed by the customer service and skeptical readers may think “oh well you’re a blogger of course they are” but the team here weren’t made aware of that fact prior to our arrival.  We were a little bit worried upon arrival about how close we were to the neighbours with the Silver Bungalows being one long building split into 19 separate accommodations  but we haven’t heard a peep from either side.  The Silver Bungalow is also a very good size considering it is housing 7 of us and bar the carpets to start with, it is very clean.  We have everything that we need in the kitchen including a cooker, kettle, fridge and microwave.  It was also stocked with complimentary coffee and tea as well as a dish cloth and tea towel.  There is an iron, an ironing board and a hair dryer so you only have to bring the essentials.  We also found out that we are parked in the proper car park for our accommodation so we have no idea why they wouldn’t let my parents into that car park yesterday!


The food in The Deck restaurant was fantastic today.  Everybody stuffed themselves at breakfast and enjoyed the choice of cereals, fruit, pastries, made to order pancakes and omelettes and, of course, a full english.  We ate lunch in the Skyline Pavillion which was a bit expensive with a Burger King Kids meal costing £3.59.  Because of the facilities in the accommodation we have stocked up on food for lunches so we would definitely recommend that rather than eating out at lunch time.  The Hubby and my Dad have both been impressed by the cost of beer and have even said that the wine isn’t too pricey either which was surprising as we thought that would be the first thing to get a price hike.  We watched Scooby Doo on the Centre Stage today with both men sampling the bar and even in there the prices were reasonable.  Dinner in The Deck restaurant was fantastic again, with a lot of choices that all looked delicious.  I struggled to choose between Gammon, Mushroom Strongonoff and Chicken Tikka but opted for the Chicken Tikka.  It was tasty although did lack seasoning but it was nothing that some salt didn’t fix.  The desserts are amazing with both the Hubby and I eating two slices of cake each (the diet starts next week!)  The boys were happy with the food and both stuffed their faces.  Spike couldn’t choose so ended up with bolognise, pork stir fry, chips and fish fingers on his plate.  The kids section did lack a vegetable choice today which could have easily been fixed with a tray of baked beans.  The staff in the restaurant are very friendly and are VERY fast to replace empty trays.  They were quite stressed when we went for breakfast but there were a lot of men in suits walking around supervising so despite the sheer amount of people in there everything was still running smoothly.



Today we experienced Titan the Robot, the Puppet Castle, Scooby Doo Live, the Skyline Gang and the Little Stars Fairground.  The entertainment is of high standard and there is a good variety to suit all ages.  The What’s On guide is well laid out and colour coded for age suitability.  We also downloaded the App which is brilliant and a lot easier to navigate with categories for the different activities and shows.  The boys loved all of the entertainment and I especially like the Skyline Gang which is a Butlins branded set of characters.  I definitely prefer them to any of the TV character entertainment that we are going to experience over the next few days.  The Little Stars Fairground is great for the boys.  Both of them adored going on the rides and it was nice that there weren’t any bigger kids barging them out of the way which happens a bit in the Skyline Pavillion.


Staying with a Baby

Dot is only 7 months and it’s the first time that we have stayed away from home with her.  The cost of a travel cot was £10 for the week and even though we now have a cleaner one, I do wish that I had bought one before we came.  There is a hire shop offering pushchairs, high chairs and a baby bath for reasonable prices making life a little bit easier.  With Dot being in a pushchair full time I wanted to bring our own one with us but the pushchairs in the hire shop look pretty good which did surprise me.  We have a Stokke Handysitt that folds flat so I didn’t even consider hiring a highchair but the quality of the stuff in the hire shop looks high and the staff are very friendly so it is definitely a viable option to save on packing.  We liked that when we were at the Centre Stage there was a bottle warmer to use for her milk and the staff at Burger King were very friendly when I asked for a plain bread bun for her after she refused her jar.  We are yet to need to use the changing facilities out and about but will no doubt need to check them out at some point.


*Disclosure – As a Butlin’s Ambassador we received a 4 day break with premium dining for review purposes*

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