Spud and Spike’s Superhero Bedroom Part 1

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Room swapping used to be a frequent occurrence in our house.  We have a three bedroom house and the boys have experience both of the smaller bedrooms both separately and together.  They have had their own rooms, they have shared and had a playroom and they have been swapped around on a month by month basis.  Now that we have Dot there is no room for swapping.  They have the bigger of the two bedrooms and Dot has the box room as a nursery.

They have both also outgrown the theme that I had loosely chosen and their room was looking a bit drab and very messy.  After swapping around some furniture I gave them some new storage for toys and asked them to choose a theme.  Both of them were adamant that they wanted an Iron Man and Captain America bedroom.

For Christmas they got new bedding and since then I have been gradually adding bits and pieces.  There are a few bits left to do but they absolutely love it so far.  They have metal bunk beds that I HATE.  They squeak really badly whenever Spud moves on the top bunk and I do wish that I had opted for wooden bunks.  We are scouring the internet for cheap beds in the hope of having their bedroom completed by the summer/

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