Spud’s Lego Obsession

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Last year we bought Spud a big box of Lego for his birthday.  He liked to play with it but wasn’t quite old enough to use his imagination to make his own creations.  He soon got bored with the little instruction booklet that it came with and it mainly say untouched in the living room.  When shopping for Christmas I came across little box sets in the sale so grabbed two for their stockings.

On Christmas Day we all sat there in awe as Spud successfully complete both his and Spike’s within a matter of minutes.  His interest was sparked and he kept asking to play with the Lego and for help building things.  When my mum came for half term she bought with her some belated Christmas money from my grandma and we headed off to the toy shop.  Spud immediately chose Lego.

We took it home and he sat down at the dining table to build it.  He sat on his own and managed to complete a tow truck all on his own.


After this it became a bit of an obsession.  He wants to buy new Lego, he wants to watch Lego DVD’s, he asks to visit Legoland on a daily basis and he wants to explore every corner of Lego.com at any opportunity.  For his 5th birthday he got received the fire station from my parents and a police set and bin lorry from my in-laws.  All of which he built himself, only asking for help to get the stickers on straight.


I absolutely love his little face when he has finished a set but I can almost guarantee that within 5 minutes he is asking which set he can get next!  He likes to display all of them on the side in the living room and I have taken to demolishing a vehicle and setting up a pile of Lego and the instructions just so that he can build it again and stop asking for new bits every 5 minutes!


I absolutely love that he has gotten into Lego.  He is hardly ever bored now and will sit for hours doing it.  During half term he spent pretty much the whole week doing it.  We got them baking and took them out for fresh air but he always returned to the table to do some more Lego.  His collection is growing pretty quickly so at Easter I will be heading up to Ikea to get a Trofast unit to store it all in.  At only 5 and 3 I don’t trust the boys to have the Lego in their bedroom so I have given up a corner of the living room for them.  I would love to give them a proper Lego table like I have seen on Pinterest but we simply don’t have the space for it.  At least if he stays interested we, and everyone else. will know what to get him for Birthday’s and Christmas!

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