Spud turned 5!

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I honestly can’t believe how quickly the last five years have gone.  My gorgeous little baby boy has grown into a kind-hearted, hilarious 5-year-old.  He makes me smile every day and I am so proud to be his mum.


It was decided a while ago that Spud would get a new bike for his birthday.  Because we opted for an expensive bike that will last him a few years (it has 20 inch wheels) we said that we wouldn’t throw him a party or splash out on expensive treats like Legoland.  Instead we would take one or two friends to Pizza Hut for lunch after going to our local bike shop to pick up his bike.  About a week before his birthday Spud started talking about “his” party.  He was being invited to parties by his classmates and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting one.  We decided that actually a small party at home would be cheaper and a lot more fun for him so the whole plan changed.

He is at the age now where he is starting to understand birthdays so in the week leading up to it he would excitedly tell us how many sleeps there was until his birthday and we often heard the phrase “we have to do that because it’s my birthday!”  On the morning of his birthday he was bouncing.  I always decorate downstairs for them and he was thrilled at all of the banners and balloons.  He knew he was getting his bike and had already had Lego from my parents so we had warned him that there might not be any presents when he woke up.  His face when he realised that there were some hiding under the balloons was a total picture!


We somehow managed to get out of the house at 9am for our trip to the bike shop and he ran in telling everyone that it was his birthday.  They knew of course as we had been in the day before with balloons for them to set up.  He was VERY excited about his bike and helmet so the staff fitted him up properly and he had a quick go in the car park before heading up to the park for a quick ride.


Once home we started the party prep.  We were only expecting four 5-year-old guests but had party games planned and luckily about 15 minutes before the party was due to start the sun came out so it meant we could do most of it in the garden!  Spud had a fantastic time at his party and he really took me by surprise with how genuinely grateful he was for his gifts.  He thanked every one of his friends sincerely and without being prompted whilst I stood there swelling with pride.

I won’t share any photos from his party as I haven’t asks permission from the other children’s parents but everyone had a great time playing in the garden, playing pass the parcel and playing musical statues.  That night Spud went to bed watching his new Lego DVD with a humongous smile on his face, chatting about what he wants to do for his 6th birthday!

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