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The second product that we received as a Tidy Books Ambassador is the Tidy Books Book Box.  Made from sustainable wood and finished with water lacquer the Tidy Books Book Box is extremely well made.  It was designed by mum of two and Tidy Books founder Géraldine who said:

“I noticed that in most living rooms there’s a box with a few favourite children’s books. Again kids can’t see the covers, so usually drag them all out.  I wanted something that would work for the whole family; books of any shape and size, magazines etc!  Kids seem to love these next to their bed as well.” 

She isn’t wrong.  The boys had a couple of shelves in their bedroom with books on and when it came to reading them every single book ended up being pulled onto the floor which then started the arguments about who would tidy them up.  With that in mind I was sure they would love the Tidy Books Book Box.

When it arrived Spike was at home and asked if he could help me make it.  I opened it up and was delighted to see that I didn’t have to dig through the tool cupboard because everything I needed was included in the box.  It came flat packed and took about 5 minutes to put together AND Spike was able to help.

IMG_0738  IMG_0740

The Tidy Books Book Box holds 40 books of different shapes and sizes and because the covers are visible it encourages independent reading.  The clock on the end adds a bit of fun and is an excellent tool for teaching the boys to tell the time.  The clock is removable so as they get older the Tidy Books Book Box can become a magazine rack that fits with a more mature decor.   This makes the Tidy Books Book Box a real investment piece.  I am sure that it will last for years to come because the quality really is outstanding.  Even full of books there is no chance of the bottom sagging and it is a very sturdy piece of furniture.


The Tidy Books Book Box is priced at £79 and at first I was a little taken aback.  But when you consider the quality and longevity of the product it really is an investment.  There is also a five-year guarantee.  It doesn’t have any of the garish characteristics that usually come with “children’s furniture” so will fit in with all decor in any room of the house.  If I had space in my living room I wouldn’t hesitate to have this in there for the boys.


Both Spud and Spike love the Tidy Books Book Box, especially Spud who is in Reception so learning how to read properly.  His passion for books is growing every day and when the books were on the shelf they were quite often ignored.  Choosing a bedtime story is a lot easier with them being able to see the covers and we are venturing onto different books instead of the same 3 every week.  Overall it’s a big hit with us and if you would like to win one simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

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