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For the past month I have been recording mine and Dot’s sleep and moods as part of the Kiddicare Sleep Survey for the Kiddicare Blog.  Within the first week I noticed that even though I thought that Dot didn’t sleep a lot she actually slept a fair bit!  She has always been very good at knowing day from night and settles really well after a feed at night but a few weeks ago she started waking every 90 minutes or so at night – after A LOT of tears from me because I was so exhausted I decided to stop breastfeeding and immediately we noticed a rigid routine from her.


I recorded my sleep as well and with 2 other children the only sleep I was getting was at night in-between feeds.  My mood started off pretty good and I was happy a lot but when Dot stopped sleeping more than 90 minutes at a time I went downhill pretty quickly!  Sleep deprivation really is a killer and I even spent one morning crying non stop.  Stopping breastfeeding was a huge decision for me and one of the hardest that I have ever made but it was definitely the right one.  Both of us are much happier, Dot is really content and we are all getting a lot more sleep.

Overall it was a very interesting experience recording our sleep, we found that if Dot needs to nap in her cot.  If she doesn’t then she won’t sleep as long and will be clingy and grumpy towards the end of the day.  We are VERY lucky with her bedtime routine, she will have her bath and milk and then go straight to sleep.  She knows it is bedtime and even if she has a little chat to herself after a night feed it doesn’t take long to settle down again.  We are now at 5.5 months old and although she isn’t sleeping through the night I am not in any rush to try any methods to force it.  When she goes onto solids I might look in to some methods like the ones in the book that Kiddicare sent me – Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques – Alternatives to Controlled Crying by Rebecca Welton.  Which so far has proved to be an interesting read and is where we got the tip to put Dot to nap in her cot.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some Kiddicare info graphics about sleep, starting with this one about sleep during pregnancy.  Enjoy!


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