How to cut the cost of your energy bills

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Did you know there are some very simple ways to cut down your family’s monthly energy bills?

If your budget is struggling to keep up with the cost of heating the home, the tips below will help. You could potentially save hundreds of pounds by making just a few, simple changes.

Cutting down your energy usage

The first thing you should look into is your appliance usage. Take your washing machine for example. Does it have a ‘half-load’ setting? When you don’t have much washing to do it would make sense if you switched to this setting as it uses less water. Also if you own a fairly modern washing machine you can also usually use a lower heat setting, which will save a lot of energy.

Another easy way to cut down your bills is to have fewer baths. Even if you just replace one bath a week with a shower, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save.

Whenever you look into how to save on your gas and electricity, one of the most common tips that crops up is turning off your lights. Flicking the switch whenever you leave a room is easy enough to do and could save you a packet on energy costs.

Turn down the heat

There are many things that affect the cost of energy. Very few people realise that their energy company controls just 20% of their bill. A large portion of the rest is down to the consumer. If you want to lower your bills, turning down the heat in the home is a great step.

Start by turning down your boiler’s thermostat by just a couple of degrees. You should also take a look at the general thermostat, as turning this down by just one degree can generate a significant change in your bill. It helps if you turn down the thermostat gradually, for example turning it down by one degree, and then a few weeks later turning it down again. You’ll gradually get used to the lower temperatures so it’s not such a big shock to the system.

These are some of the best energy saving tips you can follow to save money on your bills, but comparing tariffs will also help you to choose the best package to suit your budget and your needs.

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