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Breastfeeding has introduced me to a whole new world of problems.  For one I have to choose wisely every morning what top I will wear so that I have easy access to feed her whenever she shouts and I also have to think about where I will be that day to dress accordingly.  At home I can just whip a boob out without a care in the world but if I am going to be feeding in public I have all sorts to think about.  Will I expose too much boob?  Is there a high possibility of nip slip? Will my tummy be on show?  Can I be subtle enough to not get ANY attention at all?  It’s a minefield.

Luckily Breastvest were on hand to solve some of my Breastfeeding fashion woes.  The revolutionary, award-winning Breastvest turns any top into a breastfeeding top.  The Breastvest is worn underneath normal clothes and enables you to pull up your top without exposing any tummy but still allowing easy access to the breast.


I have worn ordinary vest tops underneath my clothes but found it quite hard to pull them down without the strap digging in or even snapping.  A few times I have pulled down an ordinary vest and it has been resting underneath my breast whilst Dot has been feeding only to then fling up and disrupt her latch.  I tell you, that certainly did not please her!  With the Breastvest the bit of material that covers the breasts on an ordinary vest is missing so it sits nicely underneath your bra leaving your breast free to do its job.

I really like the Breastvest, it is made from 95% viscose and 5% elastane and is available in black, white and limited edition colours.  It comes in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes and is priced at £15.  It is a lot pricier than wearing an ordinary vest but a lot more convenient and comfortable.  It washes and tumble dries nicely so I haven’t had the same problem that I have had with ordinary cheap vests shrinking and therefore exposing my tummy whilst feeding.  People do say buy cheap, buy twice and it will save you money on buying specific tops for breastfeeding which often don’t fit with people’s style, I know I am yet to find one that I even remotely like!

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