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I know, I know this post is long overdue and we are indeed 2 weeks into 2014 but my short Xmas break soon turned into a long one!  I haven’t blogged properly for a long time, it has just been me catching up with reviews and posting photos of the kids.  I’ve missed it a lot but I have been SO busy and when I’ve had a chance to sit down I have just wanted to do absolutely nothing!  Who said three kids was easy?!

So what’s new with us?  Dot is now a whole 3 months old.  It has absolutely flown but I am loving every minute of her at the moment.  She is definitely the last baby for us so I am taking everyone’s advice and trying to just enjoy her.  However, just enjoying her means that every few weeks I have a huge wobble about breastfeeding.  I want to enjoy her but I really don’t enjoy breastfeeding.  When she fusses, refuses to sleep and wants to feed all day I get driven to the point of quitting.  I often find myself resenting the fact that if she wants feeding I have to drop absolutely everything.  Motherly guilt is piled on at every turn.  If I consider quitting I feel guilty and if I consider carrying on the guilt of feeling resentful hits hard!  We have introduced a formula dream feed after weeks of 2 hourly night feeds to try to let me get some sleep as the exhaustion really wasn’t helping matters and it seems to be settling her a bit better and I get a few hours of straight sleep a night.


The boys are still besotted by her.  Spud not as much as Spike but I just don’t think he is a baby person.  He has never shown an interest in babies and with him being at school all day he doesn’t really get to spend much time with her, I’m sure an opinion of her will be formed when she starts getting into all of his toys!  He started school back in September and is absolutely loving it.  He always comes home buzzing but refuses to tell me what he has been up to, all I know is that every week I notice just how grown up he is becoming!


Spike turned 3 over Christmas and is as smart as a tack.  He has changed so much over the past few months.  He is fully potty trained and no longer has his dummies.  Both went without a hitch (well my mum potty trained him!) and he is fast becoming a little boy instead of my baby.  He has us laughing every single day and is a really kind and thoughtful fella.  Just before Xmas he got given a kindness certificate at pre school after he resolved a fight that two other children were having over a toy and on Xmas day every time he got two of something he tried to give one to Spud!  Spud got upset that he was given The Croods on DVD when Spike got given Planes (they were given to them to share but they unwrapped one each) and Spike offered to swap with him so that he wouldn’t be upset!


We don’t have a lot planned for 2014 yet.  After a very busy 2013 I think it’s going to be a quiet year for us bar getting a (new for us – it’s a 56 plate) car that we picked up today.  Gone is our Laguna estate.  It was about to fail spectacularly on its MOT so we have traded it in for a slightly more practical Vauxhall Zafira.  We have spent the past two weeks shopping around for cars and I have to say I HATE CAR SHOPPING!  Being down in the South West we were quite limited for choice compared to other areas.  There were 1500 cars within our budget within 40 miles of our postcode and over 15000 within 40 miles of my parents postcode!  At least it’s done and we have some new wheels.  I now have to get used to driving it, it feels like a tank!

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and that you are settling into 2014 nicely.  I didn’t make any resolutions but I am going to make a concerted effort to actually blog this year!

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