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Dot has mainly been dressed in outfits that require tights.  Little dresses and tunics are extremely cute but there was a big pile of one piece outfits and leggings going to waste, all because I can’t stand baby socks.  They are always really baggy and the few times that we did put them on her, all it took was her feet being under a blanket for them to slide off and disappear.  Enter Sock Ons.


Sock Ons are available in two sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months.  They are made from a soft, stretchy material and fit over ordinary socks holding them in place.  Once they arrived I reached for an outfit consisting of a tunic and leggings and slid them over her socks.  They are really easy to put on and pretty much do what it says on the tin.  Her socks stayed on ALL day!  I had been worried that the elastic would leave marks on her feet but after a whole day her feet were no different to when she wears tights.

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Sock Ons have opened up a whole lot of possible outfit combinations for her now that I won’t be losing my temper at missing socks and I like how they are nice and thin meaning that her feet won’t sweat or be any hotter than they would have been just in socks.  My only worry now is that when I take them off at night I will lose one so I definitely need to buy a few more pairs!  Sock Ons come in 5 classic colours and 8 bright colours so I won’t even have to worry about them clashing with an outfit.  I’m actually tempted to buy the white ones to put over the baggy feet on her tights to stop her from looking like Nora Batty!

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When we received our Sock Ons we were also sent a Dribble Ons dribble bib.  Dot isn’t teething yet so we don’t have any signs of dribble but it is definitely a product we will need in a matter of weeks.


Dribble Ons are made from a blend of terry towelling and pure cotton that wicks moisture away from the skin, keeps clothes dry and is lovely and soft to touch.  There are two studs for fastening meaning that it fits now but will still fit in months to come when her teeth are coming through thick and fast.  The fabric appears to be fab quality that will wash nicely over and over again whilst keeping its softness and staying comfortable to wear.  Like Sock Ons, Dribble Ons come in a variety of colours leading to many possibilities of outfit choice – I knew I had a girl for a reason!

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Sock Ons retail at £6 (2 pair pack) and Dribble Ons retail at £4,99 each.  They are available at large supermarkets and online.  The full list of stockists can be found here.


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