Dot’s Newborn Photoshoot

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As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have professional photos taken of Dot. Before officially telling anybody that I was pregnant, I approached a photographer to get a rough idea of price only to be told that she would do a bump shoot and newborn shoot for free as she needed the experience and the exposure. I was over the moon and even more so a few months later when she introduced a “bump to one” package and offered it to me so she had an example of it for her portfolio. It basically meant that I would have the bump and newborn shoots but also one at 6 months and a year.

My bump shoot went without a hitch. We were able to put our heads together for ideas and produce some good poses and great images for her portfolio and for my photo album. I loved that the memory of my last pregnancy was captured and looked forward to the newborn shoot immensely.

Nine weeks ago my gorgeous little Dot was a mere 6 days old and a bundle of newborn squishy-ness. The photographer came to our house and I sat there with my husband making silly “Awwww” noises as our tiny little girl had her photo taken in some fantastic poses with some extremely cute props. I had never been so excited to see the final result and had even picked in my head which pose would probably make the best birth announcement card to send to family.

This is the only image that I have.


A photo that has been downloaded from Facebook because I happened to make it my profile picture. It’s 52.3KB so won’t even print out nicely to put in a 6×4 frame. You see, I saw the images. I downloaded them from the link that I was sent and then made the mistake of telling the photographer that I wasn’t happy with some of the editing. After it all blew up in my face I was asked to delete the files from my pc and to delete the album I had uploaded to Facebook. If I did as requested the photos would be re edited and the problems fixed. The photographer herself even agreed that they weren’t her best edits so when I asked for just a select few to be edited she refused and said she would do them all. This was 5 weeks ago.

Apparently a disc was posted 2nd class but it has never arrived. When I brought it up via private message my messages were ignored. When I brought it up on her Facebook page I was banned from it. I have been polite, I have apologised for causing offence, I have been upset and I have been angry – I now give up.

I can’t go to another photographer for a re shoot, for a start she is about 4 times the size and spends most of her time stretched out completely rather than in the curled up, newborn foetal position. Another photographer will be able to get some fantastic photos of my daughter but nobody will be able to recapture how she was in her first few days.

Something that I wanted to treasure forever.

Edited to add – It was kindly pointed out to my Mum that I do indeed have two photos.  I had completely forgotten about this one when I wrote the post, it is another Facebook download with a file size of 51.2KB so even poorer quality than the only one that I thought I had.  Better than nothing though hey?!


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