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As a one wage family we are all about saving our pennies especially in the run up to Christmas.   We recently sat down to do a proper budget after finding ourselves scraping the barrel towards the end of each month.  We changed a lot of things like the amount of take always that we had and the way we do our food shop.  Now we go to three different places for our monthly shop but it has saved us near on £200 a month so the extra hassle is well worth it.

When sorting a budget it makes sense to look at everything.  We paid our old energy provider over £100 a month but we were still always sent a bill each quarter saying we owed money.  Energy is one thing you simply can’t do without so looking at exactly where the money you spend goes makes it a lot easier to budget for.  We were able to switch to a provider that we submit monthly readings to and literally only have to pay for what we use

E.ON have launched a new campaign which offers some fab tips for saving energy and even allows their customers to compare their energy consumption with that of other similar houses in the area using their fantastic Saving Energy Toolkit – an online toolkit available to customers with their accounts registered online.  Obviously big things like poor insulation can affect energy usage and cost but even small things like taking slightly short showers or using the washing line instead of the tumble dryer can save pounds.

 The first step towards helping you to become more fuel-efficient is to simply ask yourself if it’s needed.  Do you need to have the heating on at that temperature or could you drop it a degree and wear a jumper?  Do you need to have the light on or is the natural light acceptable.  To save pennies you don’t have to make drastic changes but when you do you will reap the rewards and save the environment at the same time.

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