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In our box of TOMY goodies we also received two items from the Play to Learn range. I’m a big fan of toys that promote development so was keen to give them a whirl. We received Neil the Seal (RRP £19.99) and Mr Owl Pop Out Puzzles (RRP £12.99.)

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I did think when I saw them they the boys were a bit too old for them but let them loose anyway. Neil the Seal is a plastic push a long toy with a separate ball that Neil can magically pick up with his flippers and place onto his nose where it the spins as he’s pushed along. Neil the Seal is a fun toy and both boys were laughing when he balanced the ball. It’s great for promoting movement and dexterity with the boys having to aim the flippers around the ball to enable him to pick it up.


Mr Owl Pop Out Puzzles is right up Spike’s street. He is a small plastic owl that contains 6 different puzzles to complete. You simply press down on his head to make him blink. The cubes in his belly then fall out revealing 5 forest themed pictures and a shape sorting activity.


Spike is a huge fan of puzzles so loved making all of the different pictures and slotting the shapes into their correct places.

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Both toys have been put aside for Dot because even though my boys are a little bit too old for them to hold their attention for a long period of time they are excellent toys for around 12-18 months old. Like all TOMY toys they are well made and will certainly withstand toddler play.

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