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This week Dot has started showing an interest in her surroundings.  She has suddenly noticed the toys on her bouncer and one morning in her cot spent a good 10 minutes staring at a spiral toy that Spike had put on the drape rod for her.  I decided it was about time to crack out the Sparkling Symphony Mobile (RRP £34.99) that Fisher Price sent us.

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The Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile offers up to 30 minutes of lullabies, classical music and nature sounds.  The teddy bears and star mirrors can rotate and there is a projector casting a starlight show on the walls and ceiling.  It has an easy cot attachment where you simply hook it over the bar and thread the plastic loop through and secure into place.  There is also a tether to tie it to the cot bar for extra security.  There are a number of settings to customise it, with the options of having just the music, the music and rotation, the music and projection or all three.  All of the settings are on the stem of the mobile and clearly labelled.

fisher price sparkling symphony cot mobile

Setting it up was really easy as it is pretty self explanatory and I was quite surprised to see that it only took 4 AA batteries.  Usually things like this take at least a C and 9 times out of 10 we don’t have that size in the house!  I popped it onto her cot and lay her in.  I propped her up on a cushion purely because we were testing out the product and with her only being 7 weeks old I wanted her to be able to see it.

Photo 28-11-2013 17 15 06 Photo 28-11-2013 17 13 42

She was extremely interested in the picture and stars on the main unit and I think that’s because it’s where the sound was coming from.  She eventually looked up and discovered the dancing teddy bears which provoked this reaction:

Photo 28-11-2013 17 14 56

It was clearly doing what it was meant to and soothing her!  The boys absolutely loved the starlight projection and I was relieved to find a volume control!  Overall we love the Fisher-Price Sparkling Symphony Mobile, I think we will get a lot more use out of it when she is a bit older because at the moment she feeds to sleep and then sleeps on her tummy and it overhangs pretty much her whole crib.  When we convert the Stokke Sleepi to the cot mode I will be able to get her in and out without conking her head on the mobile!

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