Review – Fisher-Price: Mickey Mouse Fly N’ Slide Clubhouse

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Disney Junior would be on 24/7 in our house if the boys got their way.  Especially Spike.  Numerous times a day we hear “I watch my channel mummy?!” as he reaches for the remote.  His all time favourite program has to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Last year he had a Mickey Mouse birthday party and most of his presents donned the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  One toy was the actual clubhouse.  We were a little bit disappointed by it because it wasn’t exactly toddler proof and within a few weeks had already started breaking.  In June it finally gave up and ended up in the bin.  Luckily for Spike, Fisher-Price have brought out a brand new Mickey Mouse Fly N’ Slide Clubhouse (RRP £29.99.)


The Mickey Mouse Fly N’ Slide Clubhouse is a lot better than its predecessor.  The plastic isn’t quite as flimsy and it’s moving parts are a lot sturdier and a lot harder to break.  When it arrived Spike was ecstatic and I literally had to fight him for the box so that I could unpack it for him.


The Mickey Mouse Fly N’ Slide Clubhouse comes with Mickey and Minnie figures and accessories for great imaginative play.  There is a table and chairs as well as a see saw and a telescope.  If you push the purple platform down it drops Mickey or Minnie down a chute onto the green slide and they can also fly a plane around the Clubhouse.


The Mickey Mouse Fly N’ Slide Clubhouse came in a few parts and was really easy to put together.  The instructions are clearly printed on the box   The parts come off easily as well and even Spike has managed to put it back together should a piece have come off.  Don’t get me wrong they don’t fall off when playing but when Spike accidentally dropped it down the stairs, the parts came off instead of snapping and breaking.


Overall it’s a great toy to tie in with a child’s favourite TV program.  Spike absolutely loves it and has played with it almost daily since it arrived.  Spud even gets involved making up nice games with Spike and it’s lovely to see them playing nicely together with the same toy.


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