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We were thrilled to become a Much Loved Blogger for The Essential One and were even more so when our parcel arrived.

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I was away at the time but made the Hubby open it up for me because I couldn’t wait to see what we had been sent.  We received a lovely selection of newborn essentials in both girly and unisex colours.


The first thing I noticed was how soft they were to touch.  The Essential One newborn essentials are all made with 100% superfine cotton to ensure that they are gentle on babies skin.  The sleepsuits all have poppers from top to bottom to enable easy nappy changing and the also come with fold over scratch mitts.  I quickly noticed the little finishing touches like embroidery and appliqué that make each item extremely cute and far from boring like a lot of other newborn baby clothes.

I am a big believer in clothes during the day and pyjamas at night so we used the items that we received as bed clothes for Dot and I was happy that she was extremely comfortable wearing them and they were a lot better than some of the scratchy sleepsuits that we purchased from a well known high street store.  This was also reassuring to me as Spike had very bad skin as a tiny baby so I was constantly looking out for anything that may aggravate it.  Luckily Dot’s skin is fine (touch wood) but with Spike being the way he was it was something that I was expecting with Dot as well.

Dot looked super cute wearing all of The Essential One newborn essentials and I found myself reaching for them every night after her bath.  They withstood washing and tumble drying brilliantly and didn’t lose their softness or colour at all.


We received the newborn size for Dot and found the sizing to be generous on her.  She outgrew both the vests and sleepsuits in length after a few weeks and because they were such good quality still I gave them to my friend whose daughter is a week younger than Dot but still dinky.


I would definitely recommend the newborn essentials from The Essential One, a packet of three sleepsuits retails for £18 and the superb quality and cute little details makes them worth every penny.

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