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Both of the boys have little comfort blankets that they were given as tiny babies.  You know the kind, a soft blankie type thing with a head and arms.  The boys both became attached to them when they were used to clip dummies to at night.  It was inevitable that Dot would end up with something similar but being the third baby I knew she wouldn’t show any interest whatsoever until she was a lot older.  When I was asked to review a Drool Monkey I said yes thinking it would be around for the review but then be put away until she was old enough to appreciate it.  Well it turns out that she is indeed old enough at a mere 7 weeks to appreciate the little fella and he hasn’t left her side since he arrived!


Drool Monkey is a large, custom woven, certified organic cotton fabric comforter.  He was created when Kamala Corkin was looking for an organic teether for her dribbly baby.  She made a versatile product, with knotable fabric, that not only acts as a cloth teether; wicking moisture away from the babies skin when being chewed on, but that also acts as a toy, rattle, burp cloth, sunshade, feeding cover and blankie.


Drool Monkey is suitable from birth with no toxic dyes, chemical flame retardants or synthetic fabrics.  He is machine washable and dryer safe meaning when the time comes to prise him out of your child’s hands he won’t be gone for long.  With two removable tethers the risk of losing him when out and about is minimal which is a fantastic addition to a product like this.  The tethers also mean when the time comes to clip a dummy to him for her to find herself at night time, the use of an additional clip isn’t needed.  He is extremely soft to touch so I can see why Dot loves him on her face or in her hands, if she isn’tsettling I simply have to pop Drool Monkey near her face and she’s asleep within minutes.


Drool Monkey is avaliable from Cinnamon Sue for £19.99.


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