The Ordinary Moments #2

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Meme's


Spike is such a mummy’s boy that everybody commented on how jealous he would be when Dot was born.  I’ll be honest, I was worried.  The last thing I wanted to do by having a baby was upset the boys.  A small part of me hoped that as he is such an affectionate boy that actually he might love his baby sister and not feel pushed out at all.

During my pregnancy he didn’t seem that bothered.  If Spud was talking about the impending baby then Spike would join in but it was always him just copying his brother.  Creche told me that he had been telling them about her and that he seemed excited so that little bit of hope about him accepting her grew.

It turns out I needn’t have worried.  From the minute that he met her, he adored her.  All of his affection is concentrated on her and he smothers her in kisses and always makes sure that she is OK.  He even gets upset if Spud goes over to comfort her when she is crying because HE wants to comfort her.  So here is something that has become an Ordinary Moment – my baby boy loving my baby girl.


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