Those were the days!

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Yesterday on an app called Timehop it said that 6 years ago I shared this image:


I loved going out and having fun with my friends, dancing into the small hours and then spending the whole of the next day sleeping it off.  Since having kids I’ve started dreading the thought of going out on the town.  I know that I have to get up at 6am with the kids or see to a baby throughout the night so yes I’ll have fun at the time but I will certainly regret it the next day.  Like 70% of women surveyed by Ladbrokes Bingo I would much rather have a girly night in with my friends than a night out, girly or otherwise.

It’s the time of year where it seems like everybody I know is celebrating their birthday.  I’ve already turned down a few invitations and we had a friend around the other day who had the bright idea that we would all go out to celebrate the Hubby’s.  I was able to laugh off the suggestion with spontaneity being impossible with 3 young children and despite my Breastfeeding Woes I am definitely not ready to leave Dot with a babysitter and even if I was, I still don’t think I would have gone.

The thought of a night out has me reaching for my dressing gown and slippers whereas the thought of a girly night in has me mentally inviting people and writing lists for food and drink.  To me a girly night in is much more appealing than having to doll myself up and brave the freezing cold weather just for the sake of a good time.  Perhaps I’m getting old.

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