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The thought of having a baby girl quite frankly terrified me. I have always wanted two boys and a girl so upon hearing Dot was a little lady I was totally over the moon but the fear soon set in. What on earth do you do with a baby girl? I had two boys, they were easy but having a girl was like starting all over again with a first baby.


Thankfully my mum was on hand telling me all the bits to prepare myself for. How girl bits don’t look “normal” at birth, how they have a little bleed at about 3 days old and how their nipples get little lumps in the early days. She was also there to help me conquer my biggest fear – nappy changing.  Also on hand were Pampers who sent us 5 packets of their Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies.


Available in sizes 1 and 2 Pampers New Baby Sensitive are clinically tested to be mild on newborns skin, which is the biggest and most important sense organ, with 50% more skin care ingredients and a touch of aloe. We know from Spike’s sensitive derrière and constant battle with nappy rash just how much of a beating their skin gets on a daily basis from constant contact with a nappy and it’s contents.


The first thing that I noticed was just how soft the Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies were to touch. They made our other newborn nappies feel scratchy and horrible. At first I was a bit worried about leakage because despite being smack bang in the middle of the size 1 weight range they were massive on her. The worry wasn’t needed at all, in the three weeks that we have been using them we haven’t had a single leak, even when explosive breastfeeding poos have threatened to come out the sides.

They don’t leave marks on her skin and the absorb-away layer means her skin doesn’t feel wet or clammy even when her nappy is full of wee. The wetness indicator is a good idea so we don’t disturb Dot too much when checking a nappy. When the nappy is dry it has a yellow stripe on the front and when it’s wet it turns a bluey green colour.


Overall I am very impressed. The softness and absorbency would be the two things that make me choose these over any other brand of newborn nappy. The newborn days are often full of worry and Pampers New Born Sensitive nappies definitely help to make them easier.  My fear of girly nappies was short lived.  I was able to dodge them for a few days because weirdly my mum likes the smell of baby poo but as soon as she left I had no choice.  I had been worrying over nothing, Dot is just as easy to change as her brothers, heck I can even do it in the dark!  It also turns out that girls can pee on you with just as much gusto as a boy when you take their nappy off!

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“This post and review are part of a sponsored project with Britmums.  All opinions are my own.”

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