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Fisher Price very kindly sent Dot a Tree Party Comfy Time bouncer (RRP £42.99) to review and we were waiting somewhat impatiently to use it.  It arrived shortly before she was born so I built it in roughly 5 minutes whilst I could still function but think even in my current sleep deprived state that I would manage it in the same time frame, it’s that easy.  Everything fitted together nicely but there were 4 screws that needed tightening.  I liked the extra security of the screws because my previous bouncers that have just “slotted” together have ended up coming apart whilst being transported around the house.

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The Fisher Price Tree Party Comfy Time Bouncer is a very pink and very girly bouncer chair with a soft, comfortable, deep seat.  The seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe so extremely baby friendly!  It offers a nice reclined position and waist harness.  The removable toy bar hosts a pull down musical owl, a squirrel and a bird.  The seat itself has a vibrating function and as this and the musical function are separate it means that it requires 1 x AAA battery and 1 x D battery.


Family circumstances meant that we didn’t start using the bouncer until Dot was 4 weeks old but the seat is so soft and cozy that I wouldn’t have hesitated at using it straight from birth.  She is just starting to show a proper interest in the toy bar and does stare intently when the toys jiggle around if we bounce her.  Both boys have become a dab hand at bouncing her as she is often placed in it if I need to get on with something like serving up the dinner!


I would definitely recommend the Fisher Price Tree Party Comfy Time Bouncer.  It is a very good quality and comfortable bouncer that offers a good range of functions for use right from birth.


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