Pregnancy – The end

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So here I am 40 weeks pregnant and about to become a mother for the third time. No matter how much I have bitched and moaned about this pregnancy it hit me whilst lying in bed the other night that I will miss it. This is most definitely my last pregnancy, the hubby is booked in for the snip in early November, and I wish I had been able to enjoy it more.


I’ll miss the anticipation and the excitement. The first scan, the first kicks, finding out the gender and then waiting to meet the little person that has been growing and developing for the whole 9 months. Of course there are nerves and worries throughout but the thought of finally holding a little tiny baby at the end of it makes it all worth while.

Although this is the end of pregnancy for me it is also the beginning of our life as a family of five. A family with sons AND a daughter. A family that I have always dreamed of. I always imagined having two boys and a girl so I can happily accept that we are done. That there will be no more pregnancies, births or newborns so I will be able to totally appreciate Dot as a newborn and soak in every little moment.

So here’s to our next adventure, with a little girl wrapping everyone around her little finger and having two amazing big brothers to depend on. Come on Dot we are ready to meet you now!

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