What I packed in my hospital bag……

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Upon being admitted onto the maternity ward in early labour with Spud, the midwives all had a laugh and joke about the size of my hospital bag. I had been given a list at my antenatal class of everything I might possibly need and I had stuck to it. Truth be told it did look like I was moving in or planning to stay for at least a month but as a first time mum I had no idea what I would actually need. With Spike my bag was somewhat smaller but just as heavy. We only stayed in for 24 hours so most of the stuff stayed put.

With Dot I started packing my bag at about 36-37 weeks and was determined to fit everything of mine into a cabin/hand luggage sized wheely suitcase and everything for Dot into my Minene Layla changing bag.

My bag


To save space I planned for 24 hours knowing that should I stay longer the Hubby could bring me things from home. I also didn’t buy much. I went to Primark and got a cheap button up night shirt and a packet of knickers. I wanted these items to be “disposable” so opted for as cheap as possible. My night shirt went straight into the bin after labour so the fact that it only cost £5 was a bonus. Hospitals do give the option to wear a gown which would have cost me nothing but it was important for me to be comfortable. I also HATE disposable knickers so bought cotton ones that could be thrown away if needed.

I didn’t buy anything else to take to hospital (except for things like maternity pads,) with my toiletries I decanted things that I use at home into travel bottles.

Labour shirt

Zip up hoody (instead of a huge dressing gown)

Flip flops (instead of slippers)

2 x pairs jogging trousers

3 x vest tops

1 x pack of 5 “big” cotton knickers (instead of disposable knickers)

2 x nursing bra

5 x pairs of washable breast pads

1 x packet of maternity pads

Toiletry bag (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, styling product, toothpaste, toothbrush etc)

Hair brush


iPad and charger

For Dot (estimated 6.5-7.5lb birth weight)


2 x tiny baby baby grows

1 x newborn baby grow

3 x vests

3 x hats (co ordinated to the baby grows)

1 x cardigan

1 x knitted hat (for going home)


2 x muslin cloths 1 x box of MAM soothers

1 x packet of nappies

1 x bag of cotton wool balls


In the car

Car seat


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