Kids Capture the Colour

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Recently Spud has been very keen to take photographs of his own so when I saw the Travel Supermarket competition “Kids Capture the Colour” I knew we had to take part.  Over the past few weeks we have gone out quite a few times with our list of colours and the camera that he was sent.  We had a great selection to choose from when low and behold the hard drive on my PC blew up.  I lost everything from the past year because stupidly I didn’t back up.  Spud only had a small SD card in his camera so I had wiped it every time meaning he lost all of his precious photos.  Today we went out again for a trek in the woods behind our house and luckily Spud was equally as keen to keep taking photos of things that are the colours red, white, blue, yellow and green.


So here is Spud’s entry.  I think they are pretty good for a 4 year old who was just having fun in the woods!


Disclaimer – This is an entry into the Travel Supermarket Kids Capture the Colour competition.  Spud was sent a camera for taking part.

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