Guest Post – Bingo Halls or Online Bingo?

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

The divide between going to an actual bingo hall to play bingo and playing online is now all-out war. There is only a small few who are remaining in bingo halls, but is that because online bingo is better, or are there circumstances putting it beyond the control of the average bingo fan? Here are a few different factors that could determine why online bingo is now more popular and if that necessarily means that it’s better.


The Decline in Bingo Halls

There has been a huge decline in bingo halls across the country, and the derelict buildings give the public some visible evidence of that. Their best period was from the 90s to around 2004, which happens to be when legislation changed on how new online bingo companies could advertise around the web.

The most obvious reason we could pin to their decline is that the recession has stopped people playing it, but with online bingo constantly raising in market value it’s clear that people are still playing bingo, they just aren’t leaving their house to do it. For that reason, we must assume that there is either monetary difference involved, a social element, or even both, but before we look at that, let’s look at some positive points of playing bingo in halls.

Getting into the community

Physically leaving the house to do something has its obvious benefits, and playing with real people in a real room builds a community of players. There’s also a cost factor involved: bingo is comparatively much cheaper than casino gambling games. There’s still the price of drinks and transport, but things like poker will have you spending a lot more cash on a night if you don’t win.

Some less good points

While we’ve identified that drinks are one of the few good point of playing bingo in halls, they’re going to be a hell of a lot cheaper at home than at a licensed bar. Time is another big element that’s making bingo halls less desirable. We’re moving forwards from the stay at home mum image in the UK and closer to equal society, but that means everyone who wants to play bingo has less time to go out and do it.

Why might online bingo be better?

The choice of which company you want to play with is widened when you have the whole internet at your disposal, and the difference is even more obvious now so many smaller branches have shut down. That ability to shop around on the internet is something that just doesn’t happen in hall bingo. There are even horror stories of people being banned from halls for going to another company.

There are obvious things such as having your own snacks, drinks and comfy chair available, and the lack of transport is another reason than the general cost of playing is really low in comparison.

The only negative point you could think about is the social element of the game taking a hit by people staying at home. This is something to think about, but it’s not too much of a worry as there are schemes such as webcam bingo, which offer Exclusive Bingo Deals yet help people feel like they’re still part of a real, human community.

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