Filling a Wooden Advent Calendar: Ideas for Little Boys

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

Most children across the country will be looking forward to their advent calendar – opening a square every day in the run up to Christmas and enjoying the treat inside. While chocolate calendars are still  incredibly popular with little ones, traditional wooden ones open up the possibilities even wider, with parents being able to fill each box with a chocolate or sweet treat, a family experience or a little gift every day.


When you first buy your child a wooden calendar, you will need to be careful about the size of the calendar. The small boxes will limit what you can fit in them, unless you figure out another way to do it. Alternatively, there are fabric calendars available with cute little pockets for each day in the lead up to Christmas which may be able to fit larger trinkets inside them. Or, you could always make your own!

The trick to filling an advent calendar like this is to plan what you’re going to fill it with, in advance. Are you going to stick to edible treats? Or do you plan to include little, affordable gifts, too? Here are some fabulous ideas for a calendar for little boys which will build their excitement day by day!

• Mini chocolates or sweets – There’s nothing better than a sweet treat in the mornings before school and they’re affordable, too. Individually wrapped chocolates or jelly beans would be ideal.

• Mini figures – You can buy individual foil wrapped ones which would be great. A cheaper way of doing this would be to take figures out of any playsets you’ve bought them for Christmas, as a little ‘teaser’ of what’s to come, such as the knights from the Imaginext Castle that can be seen on TV at the moment.

• Stationery, such as an eraser or pencil sharpener, would be perfect for a slightly older child who will be able to make use of them.

• Temporary tattoos are a great idea, despite being a pain to rub off again!

• Family treats, such as a trip to the ice rink, the cinema or to go and meet Santa.

• Marbles – buying a bag of marbles and separating them into 2 or 3 compartments would provide great value for money, too.

• Craft items – perfect if your lad loves gluing, sticking and making things!

• Clues to larger gifts – if you have something a little bigger that won’t fit in the box, hide a clue, treasure hunt style!

Make the run up to Christmas as special as the day itself with a wooden advent calendar that you can use year after year.


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