The Day That We Met Dot

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This is Dot’s birth story so if you aren’t into reading them vacate the room now!


On 6th October I woke up to a bleed so trotted up to hospital with the hubby to check things out. I was popped on the monitor which as usual showed Dot to be very happy where she was. Everything was fine and we were told that the bleed was just a bad show. Because I was over due the midwife agreed to a sweep in the hope it would kick things off.


On the way home the hubby and I decided to sneak into town, taking advantage of the boys being with their Nana. I insisted on using the stairs and proceeded to run down them. By the time we got home I had some mild cramping so we decided to walk down to the supermarket to keep me active.

By the time we got home I was having regular contractions which were just like bad Braxton hicks. I was convinced it was a false start because I have never been in natural labour before, having needed the induction drip both boys. For the rest of the evening the contractions got worse and I was having one every 4 minutes, lasting a minute, so we ended up back at the hospital at midnight.

The monitor confirmed that I was contracting every four minutes with the occasional seven minute gap and they were at around 60%. This disappointed me a bit because they were starting to hurt but I could manage. I was suddenly very aware that I had another 40% of pain to endure before things got real! I was examined and told that I was only 2cm dilated. As it was quiet the midwife sent us to the day room with orders to stay on my feet in an attempt to get the contractions to do their job.


Two hours later my contractions were still 1 in 4 or 1 in 7 and it was time to be examined to see if we were going home or having our baby. I walked in saying “I bet I’m still 2cm” only to be told I was actually 5cm and being admitted! On the labour ward I stayed on my feet bouncing, marching, swaying, pretty much every motion I could think of to get her head rubbing on my cervix but by 4am I was starting to get tired. My contractions were stronger and I had started on the gas and air but it made me feel really sick so it was cast aside and I attempted to just breathe through the pain.


At 5am I was examined again and found to be still only 5cm. I agreed to have my waters broken and boy did things kick off. Suddenly things kicked up a notch, my contractions were strong and very regular. Up until this point I hadn’t really been off my feet, I’d managed the pain by finding the best possible position to cope with it but suddenly I was strapped to the bed on the monitor. Had I known having my waters broken would have me on my back I probably would have said no. I started to lose control during contractions and finally decided that no matter how nice it would be to say I did it all naturally that actually I wouldn’t feel any greater sense of achievement. I was bringing a life into this world either way. I asked for the epidural and upon checking to see how imminent Dot was I was found to be 8cm. The midwife said she could be 30 minutes away or 3 hours away so I started begging for them to numb me up!

After having the epidural put in I was much more relaxed. They said they would re-examine me at 9.45am with the hope that I’d be 10cm and ready to push. I had a little nap which after no sleep in 48 hours was much-needed and sent the hubby off to get himself some breakfast. At 9.45am I was indeed 10cm but Dot’s head wasn’t staying low enough down to make pushing successful so they left me for another 15 minutes in the hope that my contractions would get her moving. At 10am she was ready and it was time to meet our daughter! After one contractions worth of pushing suddenly the midwives all started flapping. The hubby stepped back out of their way only to be pulled back in and told to stay put! Apparently Dot was more than ready and with the next push she would be born.  I didn’t expect her to come quite so quickly (it’s not like I had been in labour for 19 hours by this point!) so was a bit shocked when I was suddenly handed a baby.  My baby.  Our baby girl.

At 10.15am on 7th October 2013 Dot was born weighing 7lb 2oz.


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