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Both Spud and Spike are HUGE Fireman Sam fans so they were thrilled to receive the new Fireman Sam – Drive and Steer Jupiter.  Priced at £29.99 and suitable from 18 months Drive and Steer Jupiter is a wireless remote control fire engine that encourages hand-eye co-ordination, cause and effect and spatial awareness.  You use the remote steering wheel like a real steering wheel and if you turn it left Jupiter turns left.


The remote control is chunky, making it easy for little hands to hold and has 5 large, buttons to represent start, forward, reverse, turbo and Sam’s catchphrase (“Great Fire’s of London!)  Jupiter itself has a constant siren and plays the theme tune when it is driving along and you simply walk along behind steering where you want to go.  It is pretty responsive however we did find that on carpet and even outside on concrete the wheels spun and it required a little push to get started.  On lino or wooden floors i’m sure it would be fine but we have neither apart from a teeny tiny kitchen where the boys aren’t allowed to play.

The Boys both loved it and even took it in turns nicely to drive it around.  They both understood how it worked immediately and were able to navigate it around the house.  They have also played with the fire engine as a stand alone product after I had to “borrow” batteries from the remote and had just as much fun.  My biggest complaint is that it takes EIGHT AA batteries so is extremely pricey to maintain.  I do love the mute function on Jupiter’s siren however wish it would extend to Sam’s catchphrase as well but that’s just me being a mean mum!

Overall it’s a great toy for any Fireman Sam fan.

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