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Spud starts big boy school this week and the past few weeks have been spent getting things ready for him.  Armed with a huge list of school uniform we hit the Sainsbury’s 25% off clothing sale hard.  One thing that I wasn’t impressed with was their choice of school shoes.  Spud goes through shoes at a rate of knots because he is forever running around and basically being a typical 4 year old boy.  Nothing that they had to offer looked hard wearing enough to withstand a little bit of rough and tumble.

We decided that wouldn’t buy budget shoes, he has to wear them day in and day out so it is paramount that they are comfortable as well as long-lasting.  We started looking at the Back to School range from Clarks.  Their shoes are made from real leather and each pair has to pass up to 50 tests before being sold.  They also size a lot better with width fittings allowing a much more comfortable fit as well as supporting the foot in all the right places which to me was important for the amount of time that he will be in them.  About a week before we were planning to buy him some Clarks emailed me offering Spud a pair of shoes from the Back to School range to review – to say I was thrilled is an understatement!

We headed into town for our appointment and heard the person that entered the shop in front of us be told that there was nobody waiting so I breathed a huge sigh of relief after imagining a totally manic shop full of back to school shoppers.  My idea of what Clarks would be like that day was right.  There was nobody waiting but that’s because they had hired a huge amount of extra staff to cope with, what for them, the busiest time of year.  It was honestly like trying to do all of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.  I can not fault Clarks, the staff were polite and helpful and we were seen immediately.  Both boys had their feet measured on a fancy new device that I hadn’t seen before where an iPad slots in and takes the measurement.  We were shown the range of shoes suitable for Spud’s size but it was so unbelievably busy that I didn’t get a good look at the choices and just pointed out two that looked fairly decent.

I chose a pair from the Stompo range because of the reinforced toes.  I know how badly he can scuff shoes so figured these would be a bit more hard-wearing for his destructive feet.  A lot of the shoes had a trainery type look to them, including the ones that I chose but once on his feet they didn’t look anything but smart.


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