Putting bread on the table

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

We had always thought the Hubby’s job was about 98% secure until he had been doing it for roughly 22 years.  There was very little chance that he would be out of work and it would have to take something extremely serious like a life changing injury or extreme bad conduct to change that.  Then the Government announced yet another cut.  A whole chunk of people being made redundant and a workforce being heavily reduced.  Luckily so far the Hubby is still in a protected trade.  Every week he goes and asks to transfer to a different trade and gets told that there is a shortage in his own so unfortunately he has to stay put.  But for how long?  How long until the Government make even more cuts and render thousands more people unemployed?

I am very lucky that whilst the children are small we can afford for me to stay at home.  In reality we can’t afford for me not to.  His shifts are so inconsistent that I purely can not commit to set hours at a job without having to fork out the majority of wages on childcare.  We have agreed that when Dot starts school it opens up a huge time frame for me to work properly and that’s when I will start working properly.

Should anything happen to the Hubby redundancy wise or even if he decides his job is no longer for him we would settle in the South East/London area closer to both of our families so any career prospects for the both of us would need to focus around there.  Luckily there is plenty of training available and because we are sorted for the immediate future we have plenty of time to pick what we want to do and plan it accordingly.


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