Pregnancy – Week 37

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Seriously where have the last 8 months gone? It feels like only yesterday that I was peeing on a stick and waiting two minutes for the second blue line to appear and here we are, classed as term and waiting for the imminent arrival of our baby girl.

I won’t lie, it’s been a rocky 8 months. I had fully intended on keeping a thorough pregnancy journal but I started to feel so crappy that I simply didn’t have the motivation to carry it on. I am disappointed with myself but in my spare time I didn’t want to be thinking and writing about pregnancy, I wanted to curl up and forget about it for a few minutes. I am truly grateful that I have relatively stress free pregnancies but this one has been a lot tougher than my boy pregnancies and the Hubby is pleased to hear me say it has put me off ever being pregnant again. He’s even happier that I am going with him to a vasectomy consultation next week to try to persuade the Doctor to do it sooner rather than later!


I am still struggling with my body image and very nearly cancelled my bump photo shoot because of it. Luckily I had friends on hand to remind me that if I didn’t do it, I would regret it especially with me being so adamant that it is my last pregnancy. I went along and actually had a great time. I even had some taken with no top on and upon seeing a sneak peek of one I felt really quite silly about the issues I have with my body.


Dot is doing great, my bump is still measuring small but the sonographer said that was to be expected. At my last appointment I was only measuring two weeks small rather than the original 5 so at least it’s catching up. Dot is active, has a strong heart beat and is head down and almost fully engaged. I know that pregnancies that aren’t your first can lead to the baby popping in and out of the pelvis but I’m pretty sure she’s settled there for the long haul and I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure when I walk as well as her feet on my ribs so she’s either very long or likes a good stretch!


So here’s to taking every day at a time in the wait for our daughter. I am fully aware that I could be pregnant for another 5 weeks and in all honesty I’d quite like to be! At least Spud will be fully settled at school, he doesn’t start full-time until the 30th September, and I will have had a chance to get all the last-minute bits and pieces that I keep adding to the baby list!

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