Guest Post – Top Tips for Creating a Dual Purpose Guest Room

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Having the space to offer a guest room for family and friends hoping to visit is a bit of a novelty for many of us and while a room purely for visitors would be a wonderful commodity to have, for the time that people aren’t visiting, it’s pretty much wasted space. That is, unless you maximise the usage of the room by creating a dual-purpose, functional space that can be used whether you have visitors staying or not.

While the size of the room will inevitably affect what you use it for, there are plenty of possible multi-functional uses of a guest room, such as an office, play room, or even a home gym.

If you’re pushed for space, avoid investing in a guest bed and choose one of the beautiful British sofas from Sofas and Stuff UK. These British made quality sofas come in all shapes and sizes, with many available options converting into comfortable sofa beds. When guests are due, make the sofa bed up into a bed and when they leave, you can fold it back into a comfortable seating space. A classy daybed is another option that would work in a compact room so that you can enjoy a multi-functional area.

If you need to create a space to work as well as for people to sleep – perhaps you work from home as part of your job, or you have a teenager who needs somewhere to focus and study – use compact pieces of furniture, such as a console table and office chair, that fits along one wall and doesn’t detract from the ‘bedroom’ aspect.

Remember that bunk beds aren’t just for kids either – you can get some rather stylish ones nowadays that visitors would be happy to use – perfect if you’re having a couple of friends over who would prefer to enjoy a drink or two rather than having to drive home once the evening is over.

Make the room fresh, modern and inviting and you can guarantee that regardless of what purpose you use the room for the majority of the time, when your guests come to stay, they will love the space they have to call their own.

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