Guest Post – Making your new house purchase a real family home

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The government backed Help to Buy scheme has helped thousands of families across the UK get onto the property ladder and purchase their own homes.

Figures published recently from the Home Builders Federation show that 12,500 people had registered with the scheme by the end of August.

The scheme lets individuals and couples buy new-build houses via a 20% loan, which can be used as a deposit. The loan is interest free for five years and is available for new build properties up to £600,000.

Anything that lets families get a foot on the property ladder, offering security for their children, is something that should be applauded. As most parents know, saving money for a house deposit is pretty tough once you have kids to feed and care for.

But something that many property hunters complain about is that some new build properties lack character. But if you plan it right, and follow a few tips – it’s all too easy to turn what was a characterless new-build into an enticing family home.

Exterior doors, windows, fireplaces and appliances can all add more depth to the look and feel of a building. Just because the property you buy boasts a contemporary, flimsy door, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to this style.

Adding Character

Replacing a modern fireplace with a Victorian model is a great way to add character to an otherwise simple living room. You must however invest in the help of a professional when it comes to installing this feature, especially if you wish to buy into a working fire. The Victorian era was one of excessive tailoring – plump, intricately upholstered furniture, flowers, birds and an eclectic mix of ornamentation was prevalent. Re-creating this look in your own home is easier than you may think and all it takes is a little clever styling and a few trips to a vintage market.

Sash Windows

Sash windows can add a great deal of interest to a home. They comprise of various movable panels and appear very grand in style. They first came about in the 1670s and more and more homeowners are choosing to invest in this style today, which works to add a Georgian or Victorian edge to an otherwise modern home. The Sash Windows Workshop offers a range of window options for homes.

An Entrance way To Be Proud Of

When you look at the exterior of any building, the doorway is often the one aspect that stands out a mile. It is after all the main entrance way into the household and as such, the first thing a guest will notice. Swapping a contemporary door for a period style doorway will instantly add gravity to your property. Choose an architectural style that will enhance your house, as this will add value and interest to the building. The doorway can be dressed further with shrubbery, gold-plated numbers and a vintage knocker.

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