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Spud and Spike are both HUGE train fans and love watching Chuggington on Cbeebies.  They have a huge collection of the Die Cast trains and at one point had the track to go with it.  Unfortunately it was too difficult for them to put together themselves and I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the connections.  It ended up being put in a box under their bed and forgotten about in favour of wooden train track that they could just slot together and create their own masterpieces with.  This was obviously a common problem because Tomy have now developed a much more toddler friendly track for their Chuggington range.  It’s also much more parent friendly in that it no longer takes up a whole room when set up due to it’s ingenious stacking ability.  Intrigued by this new information I knew I couldn’t turn Tomy down when they offered to send Spud and Spike some of the new playsets.


We were sent the Wilson and the Wild Wind Storm Maker Playset, the Stunt Brewster Playset and the Twists & Turns Action Track Pack.  As you can imagine, I had two VERY excited little boys.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to set anything up without their “help” so we set to work straight away and I figured it would be a good test at just how toddler friendly it was.  Thankfully the packaging was fairly easy to get into without the annoyance of bits being screwed down and with the help of the clear instructions it was relatively simple to work out the different bits.  It became a good sorting game for the boys getting everything into little piles ready to build.


The pieces all slot together nicely and even Spike can do it at 2 years old.  One thing we really did like was that there are a few configurations per set so should you get bored of one layout it’s easily changed.  The sets are also all compatible with each other so you can have seperate sets or one big one.  They also come with connectors should you have the old type of track.


The boys absolutely love the playsets and they are still played with daily.  The quality definitely outshines its predecessor and I have no qualms in leaving it in the boys room because it’s nice and sturdy so won’t get broken any time soon.  There are a few more sets avaliable in the range which have swiftly been added to their ever growing Christmas list and with a few more stacking pieces we should be able to combine the sets and make a mammoth playset!


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