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I have been eyeing up the Tidy Books ForgetMeNot Family Organiser for a while so when I was asked to be a Tidy Books Ambassador I knew exactly which product would be my top choice.  Even when he was at pre school Spud used to bring home A LOT of bits of paper that needed filling in and sending back or to be kept safe as reminders of events or ends of terms etc.  These pieces of paper inevitably got lost before they got sent back to school and I was forever asking other Mum’s what was going on up at pre school.  With him starting reception class in September I knew something had to change, we had to get to grips with school run organisation.


The Tidy Books ForgetMeNot Family Organiser is essentially a magnetic white board with a front lipped shelf that has enough space to hold bits and pieces like ID cards and dinner money and 5 hooks for coats and bags.  It comes with a 5 year guarantee and like all Tidy Books products it is made from wood gathered from sustainable sources and is of excellent quality.  It comes pre assembled with three magnets and a white board pen, measures 40cm (h) x 63cm (w) x 6cm (d) and is attached to the wall using the supplied raw plugs and screws.

When the Tidy Books ForgetMeNot  Family Organiser arrived I was extremely pleased with the quality.  At first glance it doesn’t look like you are getting a lot for your money with its RRP of £54.95 but on closer inspection the finish is superb.  When you consider that it is made from sustainable sources and is finished in the Tidy Books water-based lacquer which is ideal for children and allergy sufferers and makes the product environmentally friendly, the quality starts to reflect the price.

I set the Hubby to work putting it up and within about 5 minutes we were ready to roll.  It was as simple as drilling 4 holes and screwing it into the raw plugs.  I loaded the magnets with all the important pieces of paper that I need for next week and helped Spud put his new book bag on the hook.  I wrote a countdown using the white board pen supplied and stood back to admire what should be the saviour of our school run.  I will no longer be running around after needing to leave 5 minutes earlier looking for bits and pieces to take to school or trying to find where Spike had hidden his coat.

Photo 26-08-2013 08 35 36

The only issue that I have had is that I wrote a countdown on the white board using the pen supplied and after about 25 minutes decided that I didn’t like it’s positioning.  Using a white board eraser that I already owned I proceeded to wipe it off but noticed that it appeared to have stained the board.  I went and got a wet wipe which usually cleans up my kitchen white board a treat but even that didn’t get it to budge.  I now have a blue tinge in the top right corner that reads “3rd Sept!”  I have taken the pen from my kitchen white board and that’s working a lot better but I am disappointed as that was the pen supplied with the product.

Photo 26-08-2013 08 35 57

That aside I do very much like the Tidy Books ForgetMeNot Family Organiser and it’s slimline design means that it doesn’t impose too much on my hallway.  It doesn’t look messy like some notice boards can and I now always know where my sunglasses are!

For your chance to win a Tidy Books ForgetMeNot Family Organiser simply follow the rafflecopter instructions below.

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