Preparing for Dot!

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On Saturday there will only be 6 weeks until D day.  In 6 weeks time it will be OCTOBER.  At the moment I am still in shock that October is really that close so haven’t really got my head around the fact that life in the Spud and Spike household is going to flip upside down.  A tiny, little, pink, screaming bundle will be joining our clan and life as we know it will never be the same again.

Realising that there is actually hardly any time at all left until Dot enters out lives has given us a bit of a kick up the bum to sort stuff out.  The boys stayed with my parents for a couple of weeks so the Hubby and I went all out in preparing our house.  We popped into Ikea on the way home from my parents house and grabbed some bits and finally cleared the junk room out to make space for all the baby paraphernalia.  After a day of flat pack hell we finally had some storage and I got far too excited and built the Stokke Sleepi.  As soon as it was together I was in love.  It is a truly gorgeous piece of furniture and I really can not wait to put a tiny baby into it.


The nursery still has some work to be done, my Mum is customising some curtains for me with the material that I bought for making the cot bedding and the walls need a bit of livening up so after browsing Pinterest I got my craft on.


There is still a lot I want to do in there but for a few month it will just be a storage room because she’ll sleep in our bedroom but I know how much harder it will be to get things done once she is here!  Since actually making a start on the Nursery I think we are physically ready for her.  Mentally I don’t think I will ever be ready, I don’t think I’m ready for Spud and he’s nearly 5!

All that’s left to do now are the last minute things so I have started a list of  everything to do/buy and at the beginning of September we are going to get the bits and bobs for my hospital bag – it’s all getting very real!

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