Lost in the world of Pinterest

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

This week I have turned to Pinterest a lot for inspiration.  It’s a magical place FULL of absolutely amazing ideas and after putting all of the furniture together in Dot’s room I needed decoration ideas.  With her Stokke Sleepi being purple I needed the rest of the room to be quite simple especially as it’s a box room.  The Sleepi acts as a pop of colour and nothing else should distract you from it’s beauty.  Yes I know I’m talking about a cot, it’s just a pile of wood at the end of the day but nobody can say that it isn’t a GORGEOUS pile of wood!

Anyway whilst sifting through hundreds of pins I was easily distracted in everything else.  Craft activities, house decoration, inspirational words, tattoo designs – you name it, it distracted me from the task at hand.  I was repinning left, right and centre and the Hubby got bored of asking me what I was getting excited about when I exclaimed things like “what an amazing idea!”  Whilst browsing Home Decor an absolutely gorgeous sofa caught my eye.  The text said “Visit Us Online At 123Sofa.co.uk” so off I headed and discovered that actually I could have my own sofa made!

No more carting two children around Sofa shops whilst they moan about wanting to bounce on them whilst I stand there sighing remember what it was actually like to go sofa shopping as a child.  I now no longer have to leave the comfort of my house.  I can sit on my PC chair (I won’t say sofa because I would feel a huge amount of guilt at browsing it’s competition!) and choose a sofa designed to our specifications!  There will be no more falling in love with a sofa and then realising it won’t fit in the space that I have.  The do sell pre made sofa’s at affordable prices so for fantastic prices online on cheap sofas click here at www.123Sofa.co.uk.

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