Keeping fit with the BOB Revolution SE

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Over the past 6 weeks or so the Hubby has been on a huge health kick, cycling 15 miles a day to work, doing 30 mile+ rides on his days off and eating a lot better.  He has lost 10kg so far and is looking great.  This does not sit well with me.  I am SO proud of him but in all honesty it’s made me feel pretty rubbish.  With him getting buffer and me getting fatter (ok ok more pregnant) I have started to feel pretty crappy about not being able to join him in the exercise.  Here is when I am literally thanking Britax with every ounce of my being.  I can’t drop the kids at school and go on a bike ride with the Hubby but I can get my family out and about in the fresh air and get some exercise whilst I’m at it, thanks to my BOB Revolution SE which I introduced you to a few weeks back.


With my new found motivation I headed over to the Active Parents website and checked out the video by Laura Williams laying out some exercises to do during pregnancy and made a mental note to try them out the next time we went out for a wood walk.

The boys love exploring the woods at the back of our house but recently we hadn’t been able to go far as I can no longer carry Spike home when his little legs get tired.  One of my other prams has an off road feature but if I am totally honest I am far too precious about that pram to get it muddy so it never gets taken with us!  The big beasty BOB Revolution SE also offers a much sturdier push so we have been putting it through it’s paces over the past few weeks and one day decided to do a big 5 mile jaunt over roads, parks and then the woods on the home stretch.  As we walked up the really steep hill to get to the shops I commented to the Hubby that even though the BOB looks like a beast it is incredibly easy to push even up hill with a 2 stone toddler in.


The BOB Revolution SE handled the roads really easily.  It’s not as easy as some prams to tip up a curb but it’s designed for running so stability is paramount.  We headed to the shops and filled the basket.  It was spacious and we made use of all the other pockets that I mentioned in the initial post.  We headed off to the duck pond over some more paths and roads before hitting the park with a gravel path and grass.


On the way home we decided to really push the BOB Revolution SE over some rougher terrain and I was pleased at how easily it glided over the tree roots without making Spike extremely uncomfortable in process.  Uphill and downhill it took everything in it’s stride.  I do think it would benefit from a hand brake as downhill was a bit trickier for me to control especially as it found the terrain so easy to get over!

20130625_154132 20130625_154343 IMG_0801

Just before we made it into the woods we found some long grass which the BOB Revolution SE took on with just as much ease as the rest of the trip.


Both the Hubby and I love taking the BOB Revolution SE out with us, it makes life a whole lot easier and I can get through the woods with such ease that I’m quite looking forward to power walking or maybe even jogging with it when Dot comes.


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