Dot’s Growth Scan

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Two weeks ago I had my 32 week midwife check and my bump only measured 29 weeks. She said she wasn’t worried but that I’d need another check at 34 weeks. I went yesterday and discovered that my bump STILL measured small at 29cm instead of the average 34cm that it should be for my dates.

So we were sent off to hospital today for a growth scan to check that all was present and correct and that Dot was still growing healthily. I won’t lie, I was panicking a bit. Dot is active and her heartbeat is perfect so I wasn’t too worried about her but I was very aware that if something was wrong with her growth or the placenta that the safest place would be out and selfishly I am really really not ready for that yet!

I dropped the boys off at my friends house because I didn’t need the stress of them being there if there was something wrong and we arrived at the hospital to be greeted by many an evil look from a stifling hot waiting room full of pregnant women when we were called in straight away.  The sonographer was a really nice lady who explained what was going to happen with head, waist and thigh measurements as well as checking the fluid and the cord function. She also said that she was sure everything would be fine because I am very tall so have a lot of space to hide a baby.

We haven’t had any scans since the 20 week disaster so when Dot popped up on the screen I beamed. There she was, totally different to how she was only 14 weeks ago with big chubby cheeks and long legs. Straight away her measurements were showing her to be exactly the size that she is meant to be so we were able to enjoy seeing her on the scan with a sense of relief.  It was very nice to see her after not being able to see the screen at all on our 20 week scan.

The sonographer checked that she was indeed still a girl so after a few weeks of worrying that we had no back up plan if they had got it wrong we now know that we don’t actually need one. Every measurement was within the perfect range for her dates and we even got to see her practice breathing movements. She weighs 4lb 10oz now with an estimated birth weight of 7lb 10oz which is what we expected after having 6lb 15oz and 7lb 5oz boys. So here she is – our not-so-little Dot.


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