Spud is starting School!

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Yes it has suddenly dawned on me.  My tiny little 6lb 15oz Spud is now a hulking 4.5 year old and will be starting big boy school.  He is going to learn to read and write properly and probably come home full of knowledge about things that even I don’t know about.


He has been somewhat challenging with boundary pushing since he turned 4 and we struggle with him not listening so I was actually looking forward to him starting school and being whipped into shape.  I was even moaning about the fact that he doesn’t just start school.  He spends 4 or 5 weeks messing around with various half days some with lunches some without and doesn’t start full time until 30th September.  Then I took him to a taster session.  There I was holding my little boys hand as we walked into a huge building that would be the stepping stone for his whole future.  Suddenly I didn’t want to let go.


He was stood just staring around trying to take it in and trying to decide where he wanted to go first.  He wasn’t clinging to me or anything, he was quite comfortable in his surroundings and keen to get on with things but I was stood there refusing to let go.  Eventually he decided that he wanted to start at the water play so I went over with him and a teacher helped him to get sorted.  I said a quick goodbye and tore myself away whilst he batted at me with his hand as if to say “just go mother, I’m fine!”

Spike and I headed to the school hall where they were serving refreshments and I sat down with a heavy heart.  The next hour dragged.  Eventually it was time to go and collect him and I was greeted with the same HUGE smile that I get when I collect him from pre school.  He was buzzing.  He told me about everything that he had done including playing on some computers which I think were by far the best part of going to school for him!

Since going to his first taster session he hasn’t stopped talking about it and how he is very excited to start school in September.  He has another taster session tomorrow and he is already planning what he wants to do.  Every time we buy something school related he lights up and shouts “is that for big boy school?!” so I have no concerns at all about him actually starting.  I’m more concerned about myself!  I think I’ll be blubbing my eyes out on his first day in September and I have come to the conclusion that the 5 weeks of slow introduction aren’t to ease HIS transition into school but to actually soften the blow for ME!

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