A Nice way to say Thank You

Written by Lauren on. Posted in Miscellaneous

With Dot’s arrival only a mere 9 weeks away (eeeep!) people have started either giving gifts or asking for ideas of what we want/need for her.  I was given a bag of clothes in the playground before Spud broke up from pre school, a whole stash of clothes from my little cousin and even Spike’s keyworker at Nursery crocheted a lovely blanket for her.


I know that if I dont get organised now with thank you cards then they just won’t get sent.  With Spike’s birth announcements I waited until our bounty photographs arrived so I could send them out but 2.5 years down the line they are still on the shelf in the study.  With a newborn days just merge into one another and the next thing you know it’s their first birthday and then their second.  I think people will think it’s a bit odd if suddenly a birth announcement arrives for him when he’s nearing his third birthday!  It might scare a few people into thinking Dot had arrived early as well!

I am so grateful for everything that we are given and intend to send personalised baby thank you cards.  My mother is quite old fashioned and says that they aren’t personal enough (you should hear her reaction when she gets a moon pig card!) but I’m sure the recipients will understand that I have JUST had a baby and have a toddler and a 4.5 year old to contend with!

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