We are loving the sunshine!

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I am asked DAILY (at least twice) how I am coping with the weather in “my condition” and actually I am coping fine.  My bump isn’t huge and I’m feeling pretty well in myself.  To be honest I don’t feel any different to how I felt in a winter pregnancy.  When I do the school runs and spend time in the heat I do feel the need to sit down and my bump can feel heavy but I can’t really say I blame the weather for that!  The only thing that has annoyed me is that I have had to go out and buy new clothes because none of my summer stuff is suitable for a bump, with the Boys I was able to get away with wearing jumpers and things that I already owned.  Much to my mothers delight I did go out and buy a skirt!


We have been taking full advantage of the weather.  The boys are absolutely loving it.  Living by the sea has its advantages and we have taken them to see the boats many a time after school but we are more inclined to do so when the weather is like it is now.  I also took the boys to the beach for the first time since moving here!  They had a whale of a time!

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The Hubby also has a lot more motivation to do family things when the weather is nice.  I must have heard him say “I don’t want to be in the house” at least a dozen times in the past few weeks.  Usually he’s more than happy to sit on his arse at home but the sun appears to have produced some sort of pro active side of him.  We have been going for long walks in the woods and even went for a picnic at a park Spud had been asking to go to for weeks!


I really hope the sun keeps his hat on because the laughs and giggles that I hear from my back garden daily and seeing their happy faces in the play park will just make any discomfort that I may feel as I get bigger totally worth it.

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