Guest Post – Bingo is perfect for socialising

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Apparently, bingo is now the fastest-growing form of entertainment in the UK. But almost all of this growth is in its more recent incarnation in the online versions of the great game. Now if you’re new to all this and haven’t played online bingo – nor thought about doing so – you may want to change your mind once you find out how great online bingo is for socialising.

I play Bingo online with my friends and many of us play for nothing. In other words, we play for the sheer fun of playing the games as opposed to any attempt to gamble with real cash. Almost all the best bingo sites enable you to do this – either by playing for virtual cash and/or by playing in demonstration mode only. Some sites will even enter you into prize draws and bonus draws etc., just for being a member – regardless of whether your account is actually in credit or not. Then again, some sites enable you to play via Facebook and they pretty much all have apps so that you can play on your mobile.

Similarly, they virtually all have chat rooms and this is what’s so great about the best sites out there. It’s so quick and easy to get logged on and to start chatting with friends while you play. And, of course, it’s a great way of meeting new friends – and the staff at the best sites are also friendly and also ready to chat. So for those of us who are mainly based at home whether it’s looking after the kids or working from home, it’s a great way of socialising and helping you preserve a little sanity as our lives seem to get busier and busier all the time.

It’s easy to see why going to bingo halls used to be so popular with the ladies of the previous generation to ours. I never realised before, but it isn’t quite so much about the game as it is about the socialisation and now the same is true in the Internet age. It’s great fun to socialise while you play – and if you prefer to play for small stakes with the added bonus of a big progressive jackpot win – then this can add a little spice to proceedings. Some bingo games can be played for as little as a penny at a time, but you still have a chance of landing a progressive jackpot which can sometimes run in to hundreds of thousands of pounds. So while you probably aren’t going to win anything like this kind of amount any time soon – just the possibility that you might is exciting. Also, now and again, one of the people you’re chatting to has a realistic chance of a big win – then it really is fun as the excitement builds on their behalf.

Most online bingo players these days are still women, but they have quite a young profile of mainly between 18 and 45. So if you like to socialise safely online – bingo can be a great way of doing it.


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