We’re off to Butlins!

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Whoop!!  As part of the Butlins Ambassadors program we are all off to Butlins in Bognor on Monday.  I’m not going to lie I’m not excited.  This is purely because of the practical stuff I have to do BEFORE we go.  We’ve never been on a proper holiday as a family before so I have never experienced the preparation from a mother’s point of view.  I really want to be relaxing in the sun rather than running around packing bags and making sure everybody else has everything that they need!  I haven’t even tried on my swimming costume yet but have purchased brand new ones for the Hubby and the boys!  I’m sure once I’ve packed everything up I will be raring to go and I’m sure when we get there I will have forgotten all about the preparation process!  One thing I am looking forward to though is not having to cook for 4 days!

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