I got me some new boots!

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I have wanted these boots for ages.  At first £150 was too much money to justify on a pair of boots especially as I had just bought a pair.  They started going on sale in different places and the Hubby finally said to just get them.  I guess I had been nagging too much!  Sod’s law being what it is no where had my size.


Last week the Hubby started having a flutter on freebets.org.uk and I just happened to check Amazon for the boots and they had my size.  He turned to me and said if his bets came in then I could buy the boots.  I have never been so excited and kept a close eye on the football match he had bet on.  It came through!  I had a huge happy dance whilst the Hubby hung his head and sighed!  I placed the order and stalked the postman every day.  When they finally arrived I ripped open the parcel quickly and squealed at the site of the box.

Photo 28-06-2013 13 12 59

My heart dropped when I opened it.  They had sent me the wrong ones!  I could have cried, all of that excitement just fell out of me.  After a proper look I decided that actually I liked the ones I had been sent better than the ones I had ordered.  Online the leather looked a bit grey but in real life it was black and the pink really made them pop.

Photo 28-06-2013 13 26 46

I double checked that they were the right size and tried them on.  They were perfect and I started to feel glad that they had messed up the order and blessed me with pretty feet.

Photo 28-06-2013 16 53 06


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