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When Spike started climbing out of his cot just before Xmas we knew it was time for a bed. Reluctantly I got the toddler bed out of the garage and set it up for him. Because he shared a room with Spud and they now had matching beds the transition was extremely easy and we didn’t encounter any problems. Because his bed was so low to the ground we didn’t worry about getting a bed guard and just lay his old cot mattress on the floor next to the bed should he fall out.

For weeks he didn’t fall out. The first time he fell out was incidentally the first time that I forgot to slide the mattress out from under his bed, how’s that for Sod’s law! Falling out was still a rare occurrence and we thought we had truly cracked the whole big boy bed thing.

Then we got bunk beds. He is on the lower bunk but the ladder means I can no longer put the mattress down and the height of the bed is probably 2-3 times taller than that of his toddler bed. Within days of getting them he was falling out at least three times a week. He wasn’t getting hurt but even as an adult I know that falling out of bed when you are fast asleep is a horrible experience! We started looking at solutions to stop him from falling out of bed and when Lindam offered to send him a bed guard I, of course, jumped at the chance.

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It arrived in a small box and took very little putting together, just some slotting together of metal poles and popping them into the washable cover. Putting it on the bed was a whole other challenge. The poles go about half way under the mattress and then a strap with a L shaped wedge continues to the other side of the mattress. This enables the bed guard to be adjusted for different sized beds.

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We have metal slats on our bed and the poles for the bed guard kept falling down between them every time I tried to pull the straps tight. I ended up lying under the bed (at 25 weeks pregnant!) holding the parts in place with my knees and forehead whilst pulling the straps tight – it is as dignified as if sounds!

Photo 24-06-2013 13 09 35

Despite my troubles putting it on the bed it does exactly what I wanted it to do. It can fold down to give easy access to the bed which is handy with bunks as obviously I have the top bunk to contend with when seeing to Spike on the bottom. You simply slide up two bits on the front and it folds down easily. It comes apart as easily as it goes together which means I can take it with me if we stay anywhere else meaning once less worry for our holiday in July!

Funnily enough since getting the bed guard Spike has started sleeping closer to the wall but at least I know it is there stopping him from falling out and hurting himself should he roll around in the night.


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