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In preparation for the Twitter party we were sent a box of My First Crayola goodies to try out and review.  The My First Crayola range has been designed specifically for little hands and the developmental stages that they may be at.  From the palm grip of a 12 month old to the traditional grip of a pre schooler Crayola have created products so that kids can really get their art on.

My First Crayola – Musical Rub-Art Station

Photo 10-06-2013 15 46 30

The My First Crayola Musical Art-Rub Station takes crayon running to a whole new level.  Included in the box is the station itself, 2 double sided rubbing plates, a crayon holder for and 4 crayons.  The musical part is activated when you put pressure onto the rubbing plate so plays a tune whilst the child is rubbing the crayon.

Both boys loved this.  Spud already does crayon rubbing at pre school so wasn’t at all phased by the magic picture that he was creating but you could see the look of surprise on Spike’s face when two little piggies appeared where he had been “drawing.”

Photo 10-06-2013 16 01 45Photo 10-06-2013 16 04 02

Photo 10-06-2013 16 04 50

It was easy for them both at 2 and 4 to use but I did have to help them change the rubbing plates and insert the paper.  I will admit when I saw that it was musical I was a bit skeptical but it did encourage them to rub.  I’m still not entirely sure that it’s a necessity though as I think they would have had just as much fun creating the pictures without it.

My First Crayola Palm Grip Washable Markers

Photo 10-06-2013 15 47 05

The My First Crayola Palm Grip Washable Markers are suitable from 12 months and offer an easy to hold marker for the youngest of artists.  They come in packs of two and each one is a fun little character.  I really liked these and they would have been perfect for the boys when they first started showing an interest in drawing but they both got frustrated that it didn’t create the picture they were aiming for as they are both used to normal markers.  They did however love the little characters on them and made lion and monkey noises whilst drawing with them!

Photo 10-06-2013 16 08 06Photo 10-06-2013 16 07 45

Photo 10-06-2013 16 09 24

My First Crayola Colour and Flip Book

Photo 10-06-2013 15 46 45

The My First Crayola Colour and Flip Book consists of a book divided into three with 30 seperate characters.  You can use your imagination to create hundreds of possible combinations of feet, torsos and heads.  It includes 3 washable markers that are stashed safetly in the front cover so it is great for on the go.

The boys loved thiese.  Spud was giggling away at all the different characters that he was creating and Spike really benefited from the solid black outlines whilst practicing staying within them.

Photo 10-06-2013 15 52 57Photo 10-06-2013 15 52 08

My First Crayola Colouring and Sticker Book

Photo 10-06-2013 15 47 22

The My First Crayola Colouring and Sticker books consists of 24 pages and over 30 reusable stickers.  Unlike most other colouring books most of the page already has some colour on and there is just a little area that needs filling in.  This is great for young toddlers like Spike to encourage them to stay within the lines and actually create a proper picture and not just a page of scribble.  The pages are thick so there is no transferance through to other pictures even when going over and over on the same area like toddlers tend to do.

The boys thought these books were great, Spud is forever changing his mind about where to put stickers so the fact that they peeled off easily and could be moved impressed him greatly.  He loved that it was like a story book and kept flicking through to see what happened next. Spike actually sat and concentrated on colouring in the right places which was certainly different from his usual haphazard approach of scribble and see where it takes me.

Photo 10-06-2013 15 48 42Photo 10-06-2013 15 49 13

Overall the range is great for little people.  So often younger toddlers are left out of craft activities because the products aren’t suitable but now they can join in and create their very own pieces of art!


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