Pregnancy – Weeks 25-26

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Dot’s Development

Dot’s face is now fully formed and her ears are capable of picking up and differentiating between different voices and sounds. Her skin is smoothing out and she is starting to look more like a newborn.  Apparently sleep cycles have developed and she can be asleep for as long as twelve or fourteen hours at a time.  She can grasp its feet and make a fist and her hair is growing.  By the end of week 26 she will be roughly 14 inches long and weigh 2lbs.

How I’m feeling

I’m still trying to get my bump pictures off of my memory card and losing patience with it pretty quickly.  Other than that I am tired.  Luckily Spike will still nap most afternoons if we lie down and put a film on the TV so I can get about an hour a day with him.  I don’t think my iron is working all that well so I will have a chat with the midwife next week when I see her.  I’m only on one tablet a day and the Dr said it was a low dose so I’m sure I will just get told to increase it.  Luckily I’m not experiencing many side effects from it so I really don’t mind increasing it if it’s going to make me feel better!  Dot has definitely discovered that there is more space to be explored, she has gone from a tiny little ball in my pelvis to a little starfish.  I’m pretty sure she has turned head down or at least transverse because the movements used to all be really low down and my bladder made a lovely trampoline where as now they are all at the sides and below my ribs with only the odd one low down.

I’ve started to think about what stuff we might actually need.  I have boobs and some nappies but what else do babies really need?!  I am at a total loss as to what I might have forgotten.  We are picking up a bunch of clothes from my Aunty in a few months and I think until we get those and I start sorting out the nursery then I really won’t know what we need!  People keep asking me what I want/need for gift ideas and I have to say that I really have no idea at the moment!

As you can probably tell pregnancy brain has well and truly taken hold.  Whenever I can’t find something the Hubby tells me to look in the fridge which is never a good sign!

The Boys

They are still excited.  If Spud wants to talk to Dot then Spike has to get involved as well.  Spud thought it was hilarious to blow raspberries on my bump which didn’t impress Dot at all.  She moved to the opposite side of my bump away from Spud and I was so lopsided I had to stand up to get her to budge again!

Countdown to…

The third trimester!

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