Pregnancy – Weeks 20-24

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Yes, yes I know I failed at my weekly updates but to be fair I had good reason!  For the first week I had a very manic week sorting out bits and bobs for Spud going to Texas and Spike and I going to Reading to stay.  Packing for two children who would be in two different countries was a lot more difficult that I thought it would be!  The next two weeks were spent in Reading with no wifi and then week 24 was spent trying to get back into our normal life at home.  It’s not an excuse but sometimes real life really does have to take priority!  The fruit and bump pictures are stuck on my broken memory card at the moment which has also delayed pressing publish!  Anywho moving along……

Dot’s Development

Dot has gone from being the size of the banana to being the size of a cantelope melon!  At 24 weeks she is also considered medically viable which is a huge relief because should she come now the hospital would actually intervene.  The chances of survival also increase massively.  Developmentally everything that we have already covered in previous weeks is progressing with ingesting and digesting the amniotic fluid improving and all the basic skills becoming more practiced.  Her little features are becoming more human and she actually looks like a little baby now even though she would fit in the size of an adult hand.  Loud noises are said to provoke a reaction and I can confirm this because she does go a bit crazy if I shout!

How I’m Feeling

In the middle of week 20 we had our anomaly scan.  Now I totally understand that it is a scan to check the baby out and not to let the parents gawp and find out the sex but I left very disappointed.  I didn’t get to see the screen at all.  I was given the big “talk” as soon as I walked in about the ins and the outs of the scan and suddenly recognised the sonographer as the bitch that sent the Hubby and Spud out during Spike’s scan nearly 3 years ago.  Straight away I knew she was one not to mess with, she didn’t take any prisoners and actually sent them out so she could concentrate due to an NHS cock up not because of something that they had done wrong.


Anyway she checked Dot over and considering her behaviour at previous scans little miss Dot behaved impeccably and within about 10 minutes everything was accounted for.  For some reason when she counted two kidneys I did find myself smiling despite only seeing the side of the monitor.  The Hubby got to see everything so I suppose that’s something.  We were asked if we wanted to know the gender and replied yes to which the response was “I think it’s a girl because there is no willy…..”  Put it this way I am now 100% happy with my decision to go private for our gender scan.  If anything just for the experience of getting to see Dot whilst the scan was taking place!

Other than that I have been tired.  Really tired.  I tend to get quite anemic so try to eat extra iron and vitamin c whilst pregnant but I could feel myself flagging at about 3pm every day even on days where I did absolutely nothing.  My blood test wasnt due for a few weeks so I popped to Boots and got myself some iron tablets.  Even with one of those a day PLUS pregnacare when I did have my blood take at 23 weeks my HG level was only 10.  So that’s me now on Iron for the remainder of my pregnancy like I was with Spike.


Movements are now a definite.  I can see my bump wobbling away like jelly and can feel her give me a good boot in the bladder and roll over.  She is still mainly breech as all my kicks are down low, I don’t tend to feel any movement above the belly button.  My bump was still tiny until about 23 weeks and then one evening she was having a right old party, the next day I woke up with a bump!  She must have suddenly uncurled herself and found the rest of the space that she wasn’t using!


The Boys

Spud is loving every minute of it!  When he was in Texas he asked me every day if he could see my belly and if it was nearly time for her to come out, I think he thought he would miss it all!  He is very interested in feeling her kick and will tell anyone that listens that he is going to have a baby sister and that he is the biggest brother.  He has even been telling everybody her name even though the Hubby and I have decided to keep it a secret!  He wanted to buy her a present in America so came home with a Minnie Mouse teddy especially for her.  I thought that there may be some jealousy when we bought things for the baby but he just gets excited about it!


Spike is still too young to really understand what is going on.  He knows where the baby is and will get in on some of the bump touching action but it’s usually because he is feeling left out that Spud is getting the attention!  At Creche his keyworker told me that he says mummy is having a baby dinosaur and then tells her that he has a baby dinosaur in his tummy as well.  I’m going to start reading “There’s a house inside my mummy” to them both soon so that he gets some idea of what is happening!

Count down to….

28 weeks and the start of the third trimester!

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